Blue Max 250

Our model, which is the panzer of Blue 250 chain thermoforming machines, is an ideal model for dairy desserts and bakery products. Every kind is produced for special applications and shape cuts. Maximum capacity is the most advanced on the capacity. It is a sophisticated packaging system which is suitable for the product and has high precision dosing system and small scale high hygienic packaging. It is a quiet and trouble-free minimum operation with a single operator. It is a maintenance-free machine. It is made of 304 quality stainless steel and hair profession, including chassis and set, so even the tough working environments are long life. It is applied with the latest technology of pneumatic lines by using the world’s best quality materials.Blue 250 servomotor complies with the digital progress system and the latest technology modules which can easily monitor the parameters and make the desired changes PLC control system is more comfortable working environment with insulated touch panel All the equipment used on the machine has CE certificate. The machine supports different molds thanks to its ease of use.

Capacity: 7-10 beats per minute

Film Width: 290 mm-460 mm

Film Thickness: 70 mike-1000 mike

Sub film: (PVC+PE) (Pet+PE)(PS+PE)(PA+PE)(PP+P)


Hat: Max.500mm

Shape Depth : Max.125mm

Machine Length:  It Depends on Place

All stainless steel construction chassis

Body suitable for hygienic construction

Comprehensive security system in CE Standards

PLC control system

Touch color screen

Data collection and reporting

Different recipe according to each product group

Special water-holding filter for salable products

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packing)

Automatic vacuum test control system

Easy mold changing system for forming and bonding molds

Brush type automatic chain lubrication system

Stainless durable knife structure

3 Different language options (Turkish / English / Arabic)

Stainless feet suitable for hygienic construction

Blue Max 250

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