May 9000

MAY 9000

Production and packaging of food products is one of the most important machines; Thermoform packaging. Thermoform packaging machine When considering the function in the food sector, a machine that must be found in all food producers is noteworthy. Especially when you think how important hygiene is in the food sector, the importance of this machine is better understood. Thermoform packaging machines enable you to have more shelf life of the foods you produce and prevent smell. This will ensure that food breakdown is avoided, especially during the distribution phase, and that you will go with the same quality of production to the places you send. It is very important for the distributors that the shelf life of the food sector is long and that it has not suffered any damage during the distribution phase.


 Where to Buy Thermoform Packaging Machine ?

If you are a newcomer to the food industry or want to replace your machines, we offer the Thermoform packaging machine as a Blue Aqua Pak machine. As well as in every machine we produce, we also place great importance on thermoform packaging machines. So you can use the machine for a long time without any problems.

Normally, many people in the packaging machines are having trouble and can not provide the utensil they want. But our company will be high in productivity because it offers high quality products to you. At the same time, if your production area is small, if you are experiencing question marks in your head, there is no need to live these question marks. Because our machines do not take up much space.

Thermoform packaging machine prices are also being wondered by those who want to buy a machine. Our company is mindful of offering machines for every budget to its customers. Therefore, the prices of our machines are more appropriate than those in the market. We can say that we offer quality qualification to you.

Prices of thermoforming machines vary. As you can tell, you can buy machines for almost every budget from our company. Prices also vary according to the specifications of the machines. If you need any type of machine for you, you can communicate with our company and have information about the price of that machine. All the machines you buy from our company are covered by our company guarantee. So you do not have any problems.

Capacity: 17-23 beats per minute

Film Width: 150 mm-500 mm

Film Thickness: 550 -1200

Sub-film:  (PVC) / (PET) / (PS) / (PP)

Upper Film: (ALU) / (ALU+PET)

Hat: 100 mm – 150 mm – 200 mm -250 mm

Form Depth: Max.100mm

Machine Length: 5.500 mm – 11.000 mm

Lower Roll Weight: 500 kg

  • High filling accuracy
  • High hygiene standards and CIP system
  • Easy opening
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Various container design possibility
  • Space saving designs
  • Operator friendly working height (Film level 1070 mm)
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance
  • Quick installation (within 3 days)
  • Different container shapes and combinations (eg double, quadruple cut)
  • Improved cutting technology
  • Servo technology
  • Possibility of various labeling systems (labeling of container edges or mold)
  • Long shelf life
  • Ergonomic and long life main chassis and feet
  • 23 strokes per minute
  • Complete system including automatic withdrawal from product packaging
  • Butter, Margarine

  • Jel & Jam

  • Honey, Syrup

  • Nutella

  • Cream and Fermented Cheese

  • Chocolate

  • Coffee Cream

  • Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Tomato paste

  • Yoghurt and Sweets

  • Gasless Fruit Water, Water

May 9000

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